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Hi there! Welcome.

The Social Adelaide is an event hosting platform.  The concept is about creating opportunities for people to mingle, creating new social connections that enhance our lives.

This is all done away from technology – no online social events, no chatting away endlessly via online dating.  There are no profiles open for anyone to pursue through.

Under The Social Adelaide umbrella, events will be wide and varied.  Some will be for singles, other for everyone regardless on relationship status and a few even family friendly events.  

You get to choose which events you would like to attend and registering for them is easy.  Just go to “Join Us”, let us know what you are interested in and join our mailing list.

What We Offer

Dinners, Themed Party Nights, Self Improvement Circles, Specialized Topic Nights and more


Dinners to try out the tastes of Adelaide.  So many hidden gems, let’s discover them together while supporting local.


Small group dinners of 8 to 12 people.

Themed Party Nights

Themed parties encourage dress up but it’s not mandatory.  But how could you not … we don’t have enough opportunity to do this.  Plus there is no better way to break the ice, you always have something to help you back the ice when talking to someone you haven’t meet before.

TGIF and Sunday Seshs

Time to relax and unwind.


Thank God It’s Friday (TGIF) drinks and dinner at a local bar or club.


Sunday Seshs are drinks and nibbles at a local bar.


Don't just take our word for it that we host fun and informative events, read what others have to say about us and your hosts.

The Social Adelaide

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